Oil City Community Alliance Church
Sunday, May 29, 2022
Pursuing Jesus Christ, building His kingdom, and proclaiming His offer of freedom, healing, and life!

Who We Are

History of OCCA

Oil City Community Alliance Church (OCCA) was formed in the summer of 1929 as a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. For the three years prior to meeting for public worship services, the church met in homes and various locations around town. As the momentum of our Christ-centered movement grew during the period of 1926 to 1929 the church decided to meet publicly at the Carnegie Library. 

Our first "church owned" worship center (1929 – 1960) was on the corner of Graff Street and Colbert Avenue, a facility which currently houses Youth Alternatives.  Our next building (1960 – 1992) was acquired from the First United Presbyterian Church at the corner of Harriott and Pearl Avenues.  This worship facility is currently home to Calvary Temple church.  The current location (1992-Present) of our worship center is 411 Seneca Street.
The current building that we use as a staging ground for our community ministries speaks volumes about our church.  As Oil City residents readily know, our building did not always house a church.  It was actually built as a racquetball club and fitness center; however, OCCA has never believed that church was about the architecture of a building, so we jumped at the chance when God opened the door for our church to move to a facility that was more conducive to our ministry context.  This is because we, the men and women of OCCA, believe the church is a group of people centered around Jesus Christ, and it is never a building.  In other words, OCCA believes that Christians do not "go to church," rather we "are the church!"
At OCCA we have a history of raising up regular, everyday folks to be ministers and sending them out to do ministry.  All of the members of the Body of Christ are called to be ministers to one another and the lost.  This is a break from many conventional churches that stress the importance of professional clergy.  Please do not misunderstand us, we do believe in the pastoral office and other staff positions.  However, we simply believe that pastors are one small piece of God's plan for reaching a community for Jesus.